Printable Spring Activities

Use your favorite crayons, markers, paints, and stamps from Valley Kids Co.

to decorate and complete the activity sheets below!

Each Kit includes everything your child needs to decorate and display a beautiful wooden Easter egg.

A fun craft that's elegant enough to display each spring for years to come.

- Deluxe Watercolor Paint Set (21 colors)
- Two wooden eggs for decorating 
- A realistic bird nest and real Spanish moss for display


- Paint your wooden eggs using the water colors included.

     - For a lighter, washed watercolor look, use more water.  

     - For deeper color, use less water and allow it to saturate the paint for longer. 

- Allow the watercolor paint to dry thoroughly.  


Decorating and Display Options:

- Use rubber stamps to add detail or patterns to the water colored egg after the initial paint is dry.

- Did you know that different types of birds make their nests in all different shapes, sizes, and materials? After you have decorated the eggs, place one in the traditional bird nest, and then use the spanish moss to create your own bird nest for displaying the second egg!

  • Birds build different nest shapes, from simple shallow cups to elaborate hanging pouches.  In addition to the overall shape of the nest, consider how wide or deep it is.

  • Birds use a wide variety of nesting materials, but most species prefer certain materials to construct their nest. A nest composed mainly of grasses and lined with feathers will be made by a different species than a nest that may be the same size and shape but is built of twigs and moss.  Begin with the spanish moss and then add some of your own materials into the home made nest.   This could include sticks, yarn, pebbles, lichen, or other materials found in the yard.

Decorate Your Own Wooden Easter Egg